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So you've bought a custom made tumbler, and now you want make sure it lasts for years! And with proper care it will!

First, all of tumblers and resin products are made with epoxy that is FDA compliant for safe use with consumable products! And it has 475 degree temperature rating.  So all day at the ball fields, check! 

All cups should be hand washed, and are not dishwasher safe. They are also made of stainless steel therefore they are not microwave safe either. 

They are safe for Hot and Cold beverages. 

Lastly, epoxy is a strong substance but not shatter resistant. You should treat your cup nicely and avoid drops.  All cups cure for a full 72 hours from the final coat before shipping out. It does however reach its full hardness 30 days from application. So a little extra care your first month of having your new cup at home. Ya know like the way you baby your fav new dress when you bring it home. 


Repair Policy

Hey, accidents happen. Life goes on, but breaking your new goods does really blow. 
So you dropped your cup, or your kids tried to help out around the house and through a whole wash rinse cycle in the dishwasher it went! 
Take pictures! And send us an email with photos attached. Repair options will vary based on the spectrum of damage. Prices will also vary depending upon the design and size of the cup. But it can be as simple as ship it back to me, I repair and then ship back. 
Please be advised that some designs, such as fabrics may be one-of-a-kind or sold out.

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