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Pug Tarot

Pug Tarot

SKU: 7053130038171

We have the MOST exciting news! 

Introducing, Pug Tarot by PUG & DUCK Publishing. 


Pug Tarot is a deck created by the German based publishing company, PUG & DUCK. 

I first came across this deck years ago and procured the only version that existed, which was completely in German, thankfully a few years later they created the English version! 


I am so excited to announce that we are now the SECOND retailer in the US and the ONLY retailer on the East coast to offer this beautiful deck for sale! 


It offers a unique interpretation of the classic Rider-Waite tarot, enriched with mystical pug illustrations that provide humorous reimaginings of familiar symbolism. With its exquisite combination of style and wit, it is the ideally suited tarot set for those who want a special, entertaining experience.
The well-known symbols have been changed to be dog-friendly, while the meanings remain unchanged. In addition, other special interpretation techniques can be used, which we have developed especially for the Pug Tarot. For example, the Pug Tarot cards can be consulted with the bowl, the paw or with the decision of the unicorn. Included is a small full color manual with 96 pages.


In addition to be nearly exclusive to Lola & Company we are offering this amazing deck with some special FREE gifts. 

Each deck will arrive with its own pug crystal (as pictured) in a random mineral. As well as additional Pug Tarot gifts which may include, Post Cards, Tarot Bags, Book Marks or Calendars! Items will be randomly selected for each package. 

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