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Witchy Woman Crystal Topped Tumbler

Witchy Woman Crystal Topped Tumbler

The Witchy Woman crystal topped tumbler! The crystal top is removable for easy cleaning and charging! Complete with clear quartz, amethyst and aura quartz! 20oz Tumbler with straw, perfect for any drink to feel magical!Rose Quartz option available also! Base will be pink and black rose quartz, and clear quartz on the topper! *New Smokey Quartz option!! White and black base with smokey and clear quartz topper!

New mineral options!

Amethyst - purple with black

Rose Quartz- light pink with black

Smokey Quartz- white with black

Rhodonite- pink with black

Ocean Jasper- gold or silver with turquoise

Pyrite- gold with black, turquoise or dark pink

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