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The Grumble Business

Lola & Co. began as a passion for all things unique. 
Pictured above is in fact Lola and the company. 
Maggie, Daisy, Lola & Helen (Left to Right)
I am just the worker bee, Lola and the girls run the show. We began with a fundraiser for a local pug rescue group meeting the desire for all things pug-riffic, and we quickly grew into a personalized shopping stop with a little something for everyone! Years later, Lola & Co. has become an international brand with Lola's logo traveling to more homes than we could ever imagine. Our small business brand supports the business itself as well as taking care of the Grumble, vet bills began surmounting when Lola had to have two emergency surgeries for kidney stones, following a neurological visit to the closest full service hospital in Pittsburgh PA for testing resulting in a diagnosis of lower limb weakness, urinary incontinence, chronic UTIs and bladder stones. In spite of all of this Lola has never lost her zest for life and now gets to enjoy being carried around like the Queen we always knew her to be! We are forever thankful for the support you have shown us and our brand, it allows me to spend more time with my girls, and take care of them financially. So truly from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do to help us keep going! We continue to expand our family, as we can never turn away a pug in need! I hope you continue following us and helping us build our dream!

JoAnn H

"These (Crescent Moon Shelves) are beautiful and sturdy!! Love mine, thank you Lola & Co."

Lori, OH

"We had so much fun at our make your own tumbler class! We can't wait for the next one!"

Lisa, MI

"Thank you so much for this (3-Tier Custom Shelf) its beautiful and colors are perfect! I LOVE it!"

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