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The Grumble

I thought it was time you all met the Grumble which are the Co. behind Lola & Co. Designs. The girls spend most of their days lounging around the house and telling me what to do. 

Our fearless CEO Lola whom you all recognize as the face of the brand is by far the bossiest one around. 

Then we have her sister and partner in crime Daisy, who is the most physically affectionate pug you'll ever meet!

Next is Helen, our first rescue from 2018 who is both blind and deaf and let me tell you, it does NOT slow her down! She will climb the highest comfy mountain and dangle off the edge all day. 

Then we have Gemma, our most recent rescue from 2021. Gemma came to us after an owner surrendered here at our vet instead of continuing with the planned euthanasia which was 10000% NOT needed. Gemma is smart, and can tell time, no really when the clock strikes 7PM she is yelling at me to feed her and if I slack she is in the kitchen flipping the bowls upside down to remind me. 

Then last but not least is Maggie. Maggie came to us in 2018 as well, as our second adoption, she is a puggle which a pug/beagle mix and also makes for the most loving, emotional, and affectionate creature that exists. Maggie loves to give you hugs around the neck and if she suspects you are sad or sick she is right by your side to fix it with a kiss, a hug and cuddle as long as you need. 

We have been so blessed to have such beautiful, kind and loving souls in our lives and we can't believe we've waited to long to tell you all about them! 







Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to not only visit our site, follow our socials, share our brand, buy product, however you have chosen to support us, but also thank you for being a part of our story. When I began this company I never could have dreamed how many lives we would touch, how many homes across the nation and beyond that Lola's face would enter. I've only ever wanted to create an everlasting memory of her and you have all helped me do that. Thank you for caring enough to read our story, look at our pictures, and welcome us into your life in any way. I am grateful for every single one of you! 

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